Clown Girl Portrait Art

The site that I use to print my work is Pixels, and they recently added this new feature that allows you to view the art on a wall at various sizes.  I love this feature because not only does it let the viewer get a decent idea of what an artwork might look like on their own wall, but it gives me the artist a chance to display different artworks together.  Some of my art are stand alone pieces, but some are done in a series.

Anyway, I thought I’d share three of my portraits using this new feature.  In this example they are sized at 16×20.  These three portraits can be found here.

Portrait Art Fine Art Prints by Angela Murdock



NanoWrimo 2017

This doesn’t have anything to do with art or photography, but I wanted to share that I’m a NanoWrimo winner!  Woo hoo!  For those that have never heard of NanoWrimo, it is a writing contest with the goal of writing 50,000 words in the month of November.

My word count ended last night at 50,182 (roughly about 100 word document pages), and it feels so good to reach that goal.  I struggled this month.  The second week of November I got very bad news about the health of a loved one, and I just couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the shock of hearing that news.  I didn’t write for about a week.  I’m not totally sure how I managed to finish, but the hard worked paid off and I reached the goal.

I do NanoWrimo because of the creative challenge.   And now that it is over, I do want to continue to work on finishing my story and editing, and of course illustrations.



Green-banded Swallowtail

I know it isn’t really butterfly season, but I was looking through my photographs and wanted to share this one.  I think it is one of the prettiest butterflies I’ve ever seen.  I love the way the green is not only vibrant along the two stripes, but also there are speckles of green covering the wings.  I first saw this at a butterfly exhibit after it recently emerged from its cocoon, and thought it was strikingly beautiful.

Prints available here.

Green banded swallowtail: Photography Prints by Angela Murdock

The Upper Falls

Here’s one of my photographs of the Upper Falls on the Old Man’s Cave trail in Hocking Hills.  The waterfall is rather small here in Fall season, but during the Early Spring it will probably look like a completely different waterfall with a much larger water flow.  But, I kind of like the peaceful scene portrayed this season.  I have many more photographs of this area, but I thought this image deserved its own post.

Prints available here for those interested.

The Upper Falls: Hocking Hills Fine Art Photography by Angela Murdock

Devil’s Bathtub

This last time we went to Hocking Hills we hiked toward the Devil’s Bathtub and the Upper Falls.  It was a cloudy Monday morning, which meant very few people were hiking at the time.  Actually, we were mostly by ourselves for the majority of our time there, which was very nice.

In this post I’m sharing some of the images I took of the Devil’s Bathtub as well as the small waterfall it creates.  As you can see the creek flows into a basin, and that is what’s referred to as the Devil’s Bathtub.  I think it gets it’s name for the fact that it looks like an endless pit, but it’s actually not as deep as it looks.  It was quite a beautiful scene, and I only wish I could have gotten more creative compositions by getting closer to the edge, but it had rained a few days prior, and I wasn’t about to risk slipping on the damp rocks.

I can only imagine what this looks like in the Spring when the water levels are much higher, or maybe in the winter when the creek is frozen.  That’s one of the interesting things about this state park, the fact that the seasons each have something unique to offer.

For those interested in prints or who would like to see more of our Hocking Hills pictures, you can find them here.

Devil's Bathtub in Hocking Hills: Fine Art Photography by Angela Murdock

Devil's Bathtub: Fine Art Photography by Angela Murdock

Looking Down at Devil's Bathtub: Fine Art Photography by Angela Murdock

Devil's Bathtub at Old Man's Cave: Fine Art Photography by Angela Murdock

devil's bathtub waterfall: Fine Art Photography by Angela Murdock




Birch Tree in Autumn

This is a Fall picture I took this week.  There’s a quality to this picture that reminds me more of a painting than a photograph.  We had been hiking, and as we were leaving the park I saw this tree and had to pull over to photograph it.  I love the white bark and yellow leaves, especially with the red and green leaves in the background.

Prints available here for those interested.

Birch tree in Autumn: Fine Art Photography by Angela Murdock