Photography with Friends

One of my favorite things about photography is taking photography trips with friends.  I usually work alone while doing art or photography, but there is something very special about being around the creative energy of other people.  I had one of these little trips with two of my best friends over the weekend, and although we didn’t get to do as much traveling as we originally planned, it was still a day full of laughing and photos.  It was enough to revive my own creativity and I am ready to start a few solo projects this week.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the weekend.

alum-creek-angela-murdock red-barn-at-sunset-angela-murdock red-barn-on-a-fall-day-angela-murdock in-the-forest-series-4-angela-murdock


Author: angelameds

I'm an artist and photographer that sells fine art prints at my online store, Murdock's Gallery. My artwork mostly consists of both human and animal portraits and illustrations. My photography work is of landscapes, macro images and nature scenes. My medium of choice is digital painting where I use a pen, tablet and mouse as my tools to draw. I also work with pencils, pastels and other traditional mediums. Message me for information about pet portrait commissions, or visit my online store

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