Polar Bear Painting – Finished!

I finished my digital painting of a swimming baby polar bear!  I’m pretty happy with the final picture, and will be adding it to my site and portfolio.  I also uploaded another video sharing some of the screen captures of the process.

Prints available here

young polar bear swimming digital painting by angela murdock


Polar Bear Update

I wanted to share another update today with my polar bear digital painting.  I’m pretty happy with how the bear is looking.  Getting the water to look right and as realistic as the bear may prove difficult for me as I’ve never painted water, but I’m up for the challenge!  I’m saving the water for last.  Anyway, here is a close up shot, and the rest are some of the stages of the digital painting.



Many Water Drops on Daisy

April Showers bring May flowers, or at least that’s what they say.  It seems May has had quite a bit of rain too, but today is beautiful.  It reminded me of one of my gerbera daisy pictures that I have taken, and that’s what I’m sharing today.

Prints available here

many water drops on daisy photography by Angela Murdock

Also, for those that are curious, here is a framed option.  Sometimes I like to see how images look framed because it can create completely different look.

many water drops on daisy framed.JPG

Reflections in a Pond

This is one of my favorite landscapes that I’ve taken so far.  The water reflections in the pond create such a calming scene.  It was a beautiful day at the park.  It isn’t always the case that we get to experience these peaceful moments.  As a matter of fact, on that day I had my niece and nephew with me who were both full of energy and getting a bit hungry and rowdy.  In one brief moment I was able to enjoy the peace and shot this scene. In the next moment I was telling my nephew to get out of the water!  Those peaceful moments can pass by so quickly, so I’m glad I got this image.

Prints of this image available here.

Reflections in a Pond fine art photograph by Angela Murdock


Along the Fence

This peaceful view was part of the River Walk in San Antonio.  I love the water reflections and the buildings in the background, and the way that all the colors seem to go together perfectly.

Print available here

Along the Fence San Antonio River Walk Photo by Angela Murdock

Sunlit Clouds

I love how I can visit the same place, but get a different picture.  That’s what happened on the day that I took this photograph.  We drove around Alum Creek, Ohio, trying to find a new spot for some good images, but we didn’t realize that we drove in a circle and ended up back at the place we had been before.  I was so excited about taking pictures, I didn’t even realize our mistake until I was out of the car and walking to the creek.  At first I was disappointed, but quickly learned that it didn’t matter.  So many things looked different due to it being a different season and time of day, and of course the dynamic sky and sunlit clouds helped set a different mood.  Nature is so beautiful.

Prints for this image are available here,

sunlit clouds photography by Angela Murdock


Art Meets Music

My husband and I own a few musical instruments, so I decided to do a photo shoot with the lovely models, the flute, clarinet, trumpet and guitar.  I love music, and I wanted to create pictures that would look sleek in a band room or studio, or something a musician might love on their wall.  Pulling out my clarinet was like reminiscing with an old friend.

Here are some of my favorites from the series, and all of these are available as prints here.