End of Summer Sketchbook Challenge

I’m going to let you know a little secret about myself.  I’m an artist, but I don’t often sketch in a sketchbook, at least not in a way that you can imagine most artists do.  I tend to get an idea in my head, draw it and finish it.  I don’t do a lot of doodling, thumbnails or sketches beforehand.  I don’t draw daily.  I believe this hinders my creativity and experimentation with compositions.  What’s worse is that many of my ideas never make it to paper.  How many of you can say the same thing about your own ideas that never come to fruition?

I’ve decided to try to do a sketchbook challenge for myself.  I’ve tried before and failed, but I’m giving myself another chance.  What is the challenge?  It’s simple.  I just need to completely fill one sketchbook by October.  Two full months isn’t really a lot of time to fill a sketchbook, but I think the shorter deadline will keep me focused.  I’ll share my progress and thoughts as I go, and show the sketchbook at the end.

I want you to do this with me! Maybe you aren’t an artist, but maybe you like to write.  Make a goal to fill a journal, or write so many pages or words.  Maybe you are a photographer.  Make a goal to take pictures daily, or a certain number of pictures by October.  Maybe you like to color.  Fill an entire coloring book.  It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do, the point is to push your creativity further.

You are welcome to share your progress with me along the way.  I’d love to hear from you.



Abstract Peacock Feather

Here is a macro photograph of a peacock feather.  I really like the colors, lines, textures and details of this image.

Prints available here,

abstract peacock feather photography prints by Angela Murdock


10 years of art!

I realized today that 2016 marks 10 years that I’ve been drawing! I can’t believe it’s been that long. I liked to draw when I was a kid, but eventually slowed down and stopped in high school and college. For some reason 10 years ago I decided I wanted to try to draw again, and I haven’t stopped since. This picture is the first one I drew. Yikes! But thankfully I’ve improved a bit over time. In comparison here is a fairly recent portrait that I like. As always, there is a lot more to learn, to study and to practice. Let’s see where the next 10 years take me.

Shy -Black and White Female Portrait

This is another portrait I did about a year ago, but I recently converted it to black and white.  I had a change of heart about the colored version, and think the black and white captures my attention more.  I’ve left the colored version at my print site for those that care to look.

Every now and then I’ll create a picture that greatly exceeds my expectations and jumps to the next level in terms of technique and skill.  This portrait was one of those pictures for me.  When I finished it, I realized that I finally understood a lot of what I had been practicing and studying.  For that reason it will always be one of my favorites.

Prints available here,

Shy - Black and White Female Portrait by Angela Murdock



Here’s a digital painting portrait I did last year.  I thought I’d post it today because I’m in the mood for drawing some creative portraits.  Unfortunately, I’m at work and my sketchbook is at home, so I’ll just have to stare at some of my older work.  This portrait is a little different than my usual style, but I like it for that reason.

Prints available here.

Frozen - Fantatsy portrait - art by Angela Murdock

Bright Clementine

This fruit still life of a clementine would definitely add some spark to your kitchen walls.  I love how the different lighting completely changed the atmosphere.  I think it is fun, and definitely one of my favorites in the series.

Fine Art Prints available here

Bright Clementine fruit still life photography by angela murdock