Autumn Sunset

Here is an autumn sunset at Alum Creek, Ohio.  Who wouldn’t want to be walking along this colorful shore to the sounds of the gentle waves.  Peaceful and Beautiful.

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autumn-sunset photography prints by Angela Murdock


Shells on Black Background

Here are little seashells to remind you of the ocean!  I like the white against the black background with a little splash of color from the shells.  The heavy use of black in the image might be a little different from the typical beach decor, but I like the bold look.

You can see more beach/shell images and find available prints here.


Pathway to Fall

My favorite time of year is upon us, and that also means I’ll hopefully be out and about getting lots of images of autumn scenery.  This is a landscape I took a few years ago at Dawes Arboretum in Ohio.  The way the path leads to the trees kind of makes me imagine it is leading to an autumn paradise.  I love the fence and the sky too.  Maybe this year I’ll get a chance to visit again.

Prints available here

pathway to fall


Colorful Macro Water Drops

I’m fascinated by tiny things, so my love of macro photography comes naturally.  Maybe it’s because my eye sight is so bad, but I just love to see the little details that I can capture with the camera.  This photograph shows a few water drops reflecting colors on a red Gerbera daisy petal.

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colorful-macro-water-drops photography prints by Angela Murdock
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Memory: A Female Portrait

Have you ever realized that your visual memory of someone has started to fade.  No longer are the mind’s images vivid and detailed, but instead they are more like ghosts in your mind fading in and out.  Sometimes it doesn’t take a whole lot to bring back those more vivid memories of someone; maybe a smell, photo or sound does the trick.  But, there are some images in my mind that just seem to be fading away.  It’s not always a bad thing, I guess.  But, sometimes I wish I could remember every little detail of their face.

Prints available here

memory: a female portrait - art by Angela Murdock


Pet Portraits now Open!

I’ve added a Commission page to my website because I am now available to take pet portrait commissions!  I usually try to open commissions before Christmas because pet portraits can make great gifts, so if you are interested check out the page, Commissions.

For those interested here are some examples of my digital paintings of animals, including my own cat and goldfish.