500 Images!

I recently uploaded our 500th image at Murdock’s Gallery! And, I’m not stopping at 500!  We definitely plan to add a lot more over the year.  You can expect to see more photographs, personal artworks, illustrations and videos.

What to expect this year, well for those interested, I plan to continue my animal series, and it will ultimately turn into far more than just a series.  I have enough animal and wildlife illustrations planned to eventually make a separate portfolio page just for these images. It is something I really enjoy drawing/painting at the moment, and I’m fully embracing it.

I’m also working as an illustrator for an author who has a year long project planned.  At the moment I’m not sure exactly what I can say, but as I get permission, I’ll see if I can eventually share some of the sketches and finished work.  Stay tuned for more info about that in the summer.

Along with my animal/wildlife series, I’d also like to begin working more heavily on illustrations for my own personal story that I began writing during Nanowrimo last November.

And last but not least, I definitely plan to continue photography, but I’m also planning to do some videos of my photograph adventures.

Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be posting another message saying I’ve reached 750.


Red and Purple Tulips

I was going through my saved files of pictures the other day.  I’ve taken tens of thousands of photographs, and when I take pictures I usually edit them and then sort them into two main categories; those that I will make into prints, and those that aren’t quite good enough but are worth keeping for myself.  The rest get deleted.  Every now and then I’ll find a picture that I disregarded the first time around, but later see it and really like it.  This is one of those pictures.  I have no idea why it didn’t make the cut in the beginning because I really like the colors and how bright and cheerful it is.  It is a keeper for sure.

Prints available here,

red and purple tulips Photography by Angela Murdock