Ready for the Music

Music is like an old friend, and looking at this photograph I took of our instruments makes me smile.  I spent so much time with that clarinet, hours and hours of practicing and making music.   I have so many fond memories of band, my fellow bandies, and my director, both in high school and college.  Anyway, I wanted to create an image that a musician could appreciate, one that could possible hang in the band room for the students, or in the director’s office, or even in a music studio.

Prints available here.

Ready for the Music Photograph Prints by Angela Murdock



Author: angelameds

I'm an artist and photographer that sells fine art prints at my online store, Murdock's Gallery. My artwork mostly consists of both human and animal portraits and illustrations. My photography work is of landscapes, macro images and nature scenes. My medium of choice is digital painting where I use a pen, tablet and mouse as my tools to draw. I also work with pencils, pastels and other traditional mediums. Message me for information about pet portrait commissions, or visit my online store

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