Look Towards the Sky

This is one of my husband’s photographs, and I love it.  It is what I think of when I think of spring and summer; of being a kid and climbing trees, building forts, playing capture the flag in the woods, finding bugs and butterflies, and building our own little world to play in.  This simple image seems full of life.

Prints available here.

Look Towards the Sky

Gray sofa with poster in studio apartment



This isn’t my garden, but I wish it was.  This peaceful scene is from a metro garden/park in my area, and it makes me think it could be some secret place in a fantasy story.  I sure would love to read a book under that tree.

Prints available here.

GardenGarden room display


Purple Rose Abstracts

Here are my Purple Rose Abstract images.  I really like how they turned out, but they also have special meaning for me.  As you know anytime I get flowers I try to photograph them as a way to make their beauty last.  These flowers were sent to my family from my mother-in-law when my dad passed away, so they will be a memory of kindness and compassion for me.

I have a cute story that goes along with this. When I was photographing the flowers I noticed a caterpillar was living inside the petals.  It was in the middle of winter so we couldn’t let it outside in the snow, so we put it in a shoe box with plenty of leaves, sticks and water, and it eventually turned into a moth.  We couldn’t believe we were actually able to keep it alive, and we kind of felt good about letting it live out it’s life cycle.

This first image shows what these rose pictures may look like on a wall, but I’ve also posted the individual pictures. Prints are available here for those interested.

purple rose abstract displaypurple rose abstractpurple rose abstract 3purple rose abstract 2

Another Set Back

I’ve had another set back in my life.  In my last post I mentioned that my dad died in January, which is obviously life changing.  Soon after his death I started to have major health problems; severe joint pain, stiffness and swelling that started in my hands and moved around my body.  At the time of writing this I have bad joint pain in both feet, both ankles, both knees, both hands, right hand fingers, and my lower back.  When I say I have joint pain, I don’t mean a little bit of pain kind of like when you work out too hard.  I mean pain that has disabled me.  I’ve mostly lost my ability to walk other than hobbling around my house (and even that is limited/I use a cane).  I also struggle to do normal things like getting dressed, showering, holding a fork, opening doors, etc. I can’t bend the fingers on my right hand.  I haven’t left my house for two weeks other than to go to the doctor.  I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture.  I feel like I’ve aged 50 years overnight.

I was referred to a rheumatologist, and was told I likely have psoriatic arthritis.   They did blood work and x-rays just to rule out anything else, and I go back in two weeks to go over the results of the lab work.  Hopefully at that point I’ll start treatment.  I still have a while to go before I get this managed and can be back to a somewhat normal state, but I’m so ready to have my life back.  I am grateful that I’m at least on the right track.

I don’t know what this means for my art and photography, but I’m not giving up completely.  I plan to continue to show my photography here, and I hope to practice some drawing this week if my hand will cooperate.  If I get any sketches worth showing, I’ll share them here.  I’ll also share my journey dealing with this arthritis.  Maybe sharing my experience will help someone else.




A Sad Goodbye

This post is a difficult one to write.  My dad passed away in January.  I won’t get too personal since this site is for my art and photography, but I would like to share just a few thoughts on how this is effecting me as an artist.

My dad was one of my first art customers.  I had an etsy shop at the time, and received a message that I made a sale.  I saw that my dad, Tim Medors, bought a print from my shop.  He even signed up for my email list.  I was beaming.  That was the first of many little things he did that encouraged me and built my confidence.  Every time I uploaded a new image I always knew that I’d eventually see a Like, Favorite or Comment from him.  He was my biggest fan, and I had his support until the very end.  As a matter of fact, one of the very last things he said to me was, “you’re a good artist.”

He died January 17th, and I haven’t been able to draw since.  I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I know that my heart will break once I share that new image and know he’ll never see it.  For a moment I even entertained the thought of quitting, which I know is a silly thought.  I’ll have to start again eventually, but for now I can’t face it.

This is the print my dad bought.

Boy Clown Portrait art by Angela Murdock