Video – Digital Art Painting of a Leopard

Every now and then I plan to do small videos of me working on some of my art.  It will be a way to show some of my process and to see what I’m currently working on.  Here is a quick video of a recent digital art painting, and a picture of the final work.  Enjoy!

Fine art prints of this leopard digital painting can be found here,


Milestone Reached!

We’ve hit a milestone at Murdock’s Gallery.  We recently added our 400th image!  Wow!  That’s a lot of art and photography.  What this means is that we now have over 400 fine art prints for sale as well as other items like pillows, tote bags and phone cases.  I’m pretty excited.

For those that may be new to my site, Murdock’s Gallery, is a site I share with my husband.  We do photography together, and I’m also an artist.  We sell images of portraits, landscapes, nature scenes, floral and macro.  We’ve worked hard over the last few months to add to our gallery and hope you enjoy the new images.  And, Christmas is right around the corner!  You may find some gift ideas.  Check us out at

Here are a few images that helped us reach 400.

colorful-peacock-water-drops-angela-murdock gerbera-daisy-macro-angela-murdock orange-gerbera-daisy-macro-angela-murdock sailboats-in-the-evening-mike-murdock sun-rays-over-alum-creek-angela-murdock

Are Photographers Artists?

I saw that question posted on an art forum, and found it rather interesting.  I was surprised by the amount of people that do not think photographers are also artists.  There were more than a few that viewed photographers as people that merely push a button on a camera and capture a scene.  That seems to be a rather limited view of photography.  Maybe it is because photography is accessible to pretty much anyone that can whip out a smartphone to take a picture.  But, there is a big difference between the average person taking a selfie and a professional photographer.  Most professional photographers that I talk to put a lot of time into composing their image, learning their craft, setting up their shot, creating their scene, etc

Part of why I found the question interesting is because I do both art and photography.  I do them for very different reasons and the process is different, but they both satisfy my creative desires.  The end results are basically the same.  I create pictures that I hope people enjoy, that evoke emotion, that are decorative, etc.  To me it is art.

There is always room for Flowers

I’m the type of woman that prefers video games or books instead of flowers, but when my husband bought me flowers to show his appreciation this week, I knew exactly what to do to preserve their life; grab my camera!  Yesterday I spent most of my afternoon shooting the flowers in creative poses, and I’m happy with the results.  It also rekindled my love for macro images.

All of these new images have been added to my Shop page and are available as Fine Art prints.

colorful-gerbera-daisies-angela-murdock flower-reflection-in-water-drop-angela-murdock light-water-drop-on-dark-petals-angela-murdock orange-and-yellow-petals-angela-murdock orange-gerbera-with-water-drops-angela-murdock orange-petals-and-black-background-angela-murdock tiny-water-drop-reflections-angela-murdock water-drop-flower-reflections-murdocks-gallery

If you have the opportunity, take it!

It might sound obvious, but successful photographers are the ones out there learning and taking photographs.  The best artists are the ones that are learning and regularly drawing and painting.  I might have all the ideas in the world, but it won’t really matter if I don’t take action to make those ideas come to life.  Too often I find myself planning for my next adventure or creation, but I never move past the planning.  Take action!

Yesterday my husband and I had planned to go out in the evening to take photographs of the fall scenery, but by the time work was over we were both too tired.  I wanted to take a nap so badly, I could almost hear my bed crying out to me.  But, in the end photography won, and we dragged ourselves to the car with our cameras.  By the end of the evening we were energized and happy and got some great pictures.  We couldn’t believe how close we were to giving up that opportunity in the first place.

Here are a few of my favorite images, which have also been uploaded to my Shop page for those interested in prints.

1-sunset-at-alum-creek-angela-murdock alum-creek-landscape-angela-murdock orange-ripples-angela-murdock sunset-at-alum-creek-angela-murdock

Too Sick For Art?

Too sick for art?  Nonsense, right?  That’s what I’ve been telling myself over the last few days that I’ve been sick at home.  I’m not so sick that I’m confined to my bed, but just sick enough that I can’t do much or go outdoors.  To keep myself from getting bored, I pulled out my camera in attempts to find a creative outlet through macro photography.  One of the reasons I love macro photography is that there seems to be an endless supply of interesting things to photograph because it helps us to see things from such a different perspective.  It can take the ordinary and make it very beautiful and creative.  And, when I’m sick, I can set up some photo opportunities right on my couch.  Here are a few of my favorites.

shells-on-black-background-angela-murdockpeaock-feather-and-soft-background-angela-murdock  bright-peacock-feather-angela-murdock colorful-seashells-angela-murdock

I’ve also uploaded many of the new images at my print site, (at the shop page for those interested).