In honor of the first week of summer, I thought I’d share some of my seashell or beach related photographs.  I’ll start off with one of my favorites, a macro photograph of a seashell with its beautiful swirl design and soft colors.

Prints available here

swirls seashell photograph by Angela Murdock


Art Video – Finishing Cheetah Picture

I made an art video showing the finishing touches of my recent Cheetah digital painting.  Here you can see me adding the background and putting in some details around the face, like whiskers.

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Cheetah Eyes – Digital Painting

I finished my digital painting of a Cheetah portrait.  It is another artwork to add to my animal series.  I have a lot more planned, and my next one will be a sea turtle.  Although I have several projects that I need to work on other than just my animal series of artworks, I really do enjoy painting animals and hope to have a wide variety by the time I’m finished.

Prints are available here

cheetah eyes digital painting artwork by angela murdock

Art gets Messy

This week I’ve been working on a drawing using chalk pastels.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve drawn with them, and I forgot how messy they are.  I was covered in chalk; my hands, clothes, socks.  I blew my nose and well . . . let’s just say the tissue had rainbow colors.  The funniest part though was when I woke up this morning and saw that not even my poor cat was safe.  Her little paws are blue.


Cheetah Painting WIP

Here’s a peek at my next digital painting, a portrait of a cheetah.  As you can see, this is the sketch, and I’ve colored the cheetah’s eye.  I also made a video showing how I digitally painted the eye.  Enjoy!

cheetah eyes_edited-1

Polar Bear Painting – Finished!

I finished my digital painting of a swimming baby polar bear!  I’m pretty happy with the final picture, and will be adding it to my site and portfolio.  I also uploaded another video sharing some of the screen captures of the process.

Prints available here

young polar bear swimming digital painting by angela murdock

Polar Bear Update

I wanted to share another update today with my polar bear digital painting.  I’m pretty happy with how the bear is looking.  Getting the water to look right and as realistic as the bear may prove difficult for me as I’ve never painted water, but I’m up for the challenge!  I’m saving the water for last.  Anyway, here is a close up shot, and the rest are some of the stages of the digital painting.