Electric Blue Flames

A couple of weekends ago we went camping and had a campfire which meant I got to play with fire . . . I mean take photographs of fire.  Using a slower shutter speed gave me the opportunity to create some fun abstract designs from the flames, and I later changed the colors during editing.  These three blue photographs are just some of the Abstract Flame series I did, and I’ll share more later.

Prints available here for those interested.

Electric Blue Flames 1: Abstract Photography by Angela Murdock

Electric Blue Flames 2: Abstract Photography by Angela Murdock

Electric Blue Flames 3

Electric Blue Flames 1 display


Blue Luminous Gel 2

This abstract photograph is a macro image of gel and liquid that created a colorful abstract design.

Prints available here.

blue luminious gel abstract 2 Photography by Angela Murdock


Colorful Macro Water Drops

I’m fascinated by tiny things, so my love of macro photography comes naturally.  Maybe it’s because my eye sight is so bad, but I just love to see the little details that I can capture with the camera.  This photograph shows a few water drops reflecting colors on a red Gerbera daisy petal.

Prints available here

colorful-macro-water-drops photography prints by Angela Murdock
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Photograph of the Day – Water Abstract

As an artist that primarily works in a semi-realistic style, abstract art is not typically something I do.  However, every now and then I’ll take an abstract photograph that really catches my eye.  This is one that I liked.

Print of this image available here

Water abstract- photography print by Angela Murdock