Green Sparkles

So many sparkles from this peacock feather!  I also love the subtle color changes.  So many details from such a small feather strand.

The second image is an example of how it looks as a 34×24 in print.

Green sparkles -Peacock Photograph Print by Angela Murdock

Green Sparkles - Photography print example of 36x24 in print



Lion Art

I have finished my recent artwork, Lion Art.  It is a digital painting in black and white, and another in my animal series.  I’m kind of liking black and white at the moment, so I have a feeling a few more artworks in this style will be coming soon.  That being said, I actually think I’ll be doing a few human portraits next, but I don’t know for sure.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what I’m in the mood for.  I do have several pictures planned.

I’m currently working on the video I made while working on this picture, and I’ll upload that as soon as it is finished.

For those interested I have prints of this art here.

Lion Art by Angela Murdock


Coloring Book Project

I thought I’d share some of my art. These are two commissioned pieces for the author, Rose Withering, and her coloring book project of Fantastic Tales of Fae. She has been using these as promotional pieces, and at a recent art fair/comic con had a coloring station set up at her table so that people could color the pages. I have to admit it is fun seeing people color my drawings.

coloring book project of Fantastic Tales of Fae: Art by Angela Murdockcoloring book project of Fantastic Tales of Fae: Art by Angela Murdock


The Upper Falls

Here’s one of my photographs of the Upper Falls on the Old Man’s Cave trail in Hocking Hills.  The waterfall is rather small here in Fall season, but during the Early Spring it will probably look like a completely different waterfall with a much larger water flow.  But, I kind of like the peaceful scene portrayed this season.  I have many more photographs of this area, but I thought this image deserved its own post.

Prints available here for those interested.

The Upper Falls: Hocking Hills Fine Art Photography by Angela Murdock


Path to Paradise

Here’s another Autumn picture from Alum Creek, Ohio in our collection.  I love how the lighting in this one can help the viewer create a dramatic story, like how maybe the long path is finally opening up to a Fall paradise for the weary traveler.

And, today we are going back to Hocking Hills and staying overnight!  So, we hope to do a lot of photography in the area provided it doesn’t rain.

Prints are available here,

Path to Paradise: Fine Art Photography by Angela Murdock
A waterscape that opens up to the beautiful Autumn scenery at Alum Creek park in Ohio. Photograph by Angela Murdock



Alum Creek Landscape

The Fall season this year has been a bit lackluster.  In my area the trees are just now getting nice color, but a lot of leaves are also brown, and many of the leaves have already fallen.  It’s a shame.  But, two years ago the Autumn show was stunning.  This image was taken at Alum Creek, Ohio, and as you can see the colors are vibrant and most of the trees still have all their leaves.  The blue sky bringing out the orange leaves, and the beautiful orange water reflections make this one of my absolute favorite Autumn scenes.

For the next week I plan to share more of my favorite fall landscapes so stay tuned!

Prints available here, for those interested.

Alum Creek Landscape: Fine Art Photography by Angela Murdock



Countryside Church

On our drive home from Hocking Hills yesterday I spotted this church in the country surrounded by a cornfield and trees, and I couldn’t resist the photograph.  I really love the atmosphere of the image.  Sometimes my favorite photographs are ones that weren’t planned.

Prints available here.

Countryside Church: Photography Prints by Angela Murdock



Forest Landscape

I’m going to Hocking Hills Ohio for a little photograph day!  It’s such a beautiful place with forests, cliffs, waterfalls.  Today we’ll be checking out a place called Devil’s Bathtub located on the Old Man’s Cave hiking trail.  It should be interesting.  And, mostly it will feel so good to get outdoors during the Fall season.  I’ve been sick, and the weather has been more like summer.  We barely have Autumn leaves yet.  But, hopefully for the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to get some Fall landscape pictures.

This picture is forest landscape that is part of the hiking trail at Old Man’s Cave.

Prints available here.

Forest Lanscape: Photography Prints by Angela Murdock


Pet Portraits for Christmas

It’s that time of year when people start to think of ideas for Christmas gifts.  A pet portrait is a great idea for a unique gift, and now is the time to get in your order so I have plenty of time to finish it for Christmas.  Contact me for information, if you are interested!

Pet Portraits by Angela Murdock



Hiding Behind Masks

I finished my digital painting, and I’m pretty happy with it.  I’ve been drawing clowns for a while now.  They appeal to me mostly because of their awkwardness, and maybe I relate to that.  For me it isn’t just a picture of a clown, but of a woman maybe feeling awkward, shy or guarded that feels she needs to hide her true self (in this case using make up and a mask).  I think that is kind of what most of my clown pictures represent; a broken person hiding behind masks, or trying to get attention in the wrong ways, or feeling very vulnerable and awkward not really sure how to fit in, or maybe just a goofy person.  Maybe they are all little pieces of me.  How many masks do you hide behind?

Prints available here

Hiding Behind Masks Portrait Art by Angela Murdock