This long horn cattle known as an Ankole sure does look intimidating with his long horns, but I think he just wanted to say “hi!”

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Longhorn: Photography Prints by Angela Murdock



Pet Portraits for Christmas

It’s that time of year when people start to think of ideas for Christmas gifts.  A pet portrait is a great idea for a unique gift, and now is the time to get in your order so I have plenty of time to finish it for Christmas.  Contact me for information, if you are interested!

Pet Portraits by Angela Murdock


Curious Kitten

It is my opinion that there aren’t that many things cuter than a kitten.

I had been taking photographs with my macro lens, and when I finished what I was working on I started taking pictures of my kitten when she actually slowed down from playing and gave me an opportunity to shoot her portrait.  The kitten was always on the move, so I didn’t even think about switching my lens.  I think the macro lens actually worked out pretty well for this shot.  I like the details of the nose, fur and her eye, but also like the shallow depth of field that gives this cat portrait a bit more of an artistic flavor.

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curious kitten photograph by Angela Murdock

Angry Goldfish

This is definitely one of my favorite photographs.  It is a few years old, but I recently decided to add it as a print on my shop site.  These two angry guys are Beluga and Mocha, and they were tired of posing for pictures and were ready to eat!  Beluga is the black moor goldfish and Mocha is the chocolate oranda goldfish.

Prints available here

angry-goldfish photography print by Angela Murdock