Arctic Fox Portrait

This is my newest artwork, an animal portrait of an Arctic Fox.  I have plans to eventually paint big scenes and landscapes with animals, but for now I just love painting portraits, both human and animal.  This little fox was so adorable, how could I not paint him!  I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of portraits.  I also made a video of me doing this digital painting, so I’ll post that later for those interested in watching the process.

Prints are available here.

Arctic Fox Portrait: Art by Angela Murdock


Curious Kitten

It is my opinion that there aren’t that many things cuter than a kitten.

I had been taking photographs with my macro lens, and when I finished what I was working on I started taking pictures of my kitten when she actually slowed down from playing and gave me an opportunity to shoot her portrait.  The kitten was always on the move, so I didn’t even think about switching my lens.  I think the macro lens actually worked out pretty well for this shot.  I like the details of the nose, fur and her eye, but also like the shallow depth of field that gives this cat portrait a bit more of an artistic flavor.

Prints available here

curious kitten photograph by Angela Murdock

Two Horses

These two quarter horses took a break from their snack to pose for my picture.  We had stopped at a farm to take pictures, and the owner seemed thrilled to show them off.  They were bit dirty, but he didn’t care.  He was so proud of his horses.

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two-horses photography prints by Angela Murdock

Art of the Day – Cute Giraffe

Here is a digital drawing of a giraffe.  I have hundreds of animal photographs that I plan to use as references for drawings and paintings, and this giraffe was definitely a fun to draw.  They are so silly looking, but cute!

Fine Art print of this artwork available here,

Giraffe in Black and White - Angela Murdock