Shy Clown

It has been a while since I’ve posted one of my artworks, and this one may seem a bit familiar to anyone that has watched this blog over the year.  This is a digital painting portrait where I’ve recently added some updates.  I also have the black and white version without the clown make-up and hair ribbon.

This portrait was actually a redo of a painting I did about 8 years ago.  Sometimes I enjoy going back to old pictures and ideas and completely redoing them to see if I’m able to improve them.  I made a video showing the old version in comparison to this new one, and I’ll make sure to add that to a blog post later today.

Prints available here.

Shy Clown: Artwork by Angela Murdock


Shy -Black and White Female Portrait

This is another portrait I did about a year ago, but I recently converted it to black and white.  I had a change of heart about the colored version, and think the black and white captures my attention more.  I’ve left the colored version at my print site for those that care to look.

Every now and then I’ll create a picture that greatly exceeds my expectations and jumps to the next level in terms of technique and skill.  This portrait was one of those pictures for me.  When I finished it, I realized that I finally understood a lot of what I had been practicing and studying.  For that reason it will always be one of my favorites.

Prints available here,

Shy - Black and White Female Portrait by Angela Murdock


Art – Clown Portrait

If I had to pick my favorite artwork I’ve done, I would probably choose this digital painting of a young lady dressed as a clown.  There is something I connect with , but I also just like clowns.  I always have.

What is she hiding behind all of that make-up? In my artwork clowns usually represent that awkwardness that so many of us sometimes feel; those moments were we feel like we don’t belong, or we want to hide behind a mask. Or maybe we desperately want that extra attention. Sometimes it doesn’t have to mean anything at all, and I just enjoy the bright colors.

Fine art prints of this artwork available here

Clown Girl Portrait - Angela Murdock