My grandpa was a shy man.  Truth be told I had very few conversations with the man over the years.  Getting to know him wasn’t really possible by words alone, so one had to learn to appreciate the things he loved.  He was a gardener and was proud of his flowers, and sometimes even had us grand-kids help him plant.  He is gone now, but his flowers still bloom, and I like to take their pictures from time to time.

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Reflections of a Carnation

My goal for this photograph was to take a simple (but beautiful) carnation and use it to make a dramatic image.

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reflections of a carnation Photography by Angela Murdock

Purple Flower and Water Drops

Here’s a macro image of a purple and white flower with water drops on its petals.  I don’t know if it is the colors, the water drops, or the lighting in the photo, but there is something about the flower that almost makes it look edible like it’s a candy flower.  I love it, and it is definitely one of my favorite photographs I took in the spring.

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Photography by Angela Murdock; Purple Flower and Water Drops