Flower Reflections

Once again we visit the tiny world through a macro lens.  These three water drops on the petals of a Gerbera Daisy are each showing very different flower reflections, which makes it fun to look at the details.

Prints available here.

Flower Reflections: Photography Prints by Angela Murdock



Photograph of the Day

Fine Art Print - Water Drops On Colorful Flower Petals

Fine Art print options available here, http://murdocksgallery.com/featured/water-drops-on-colorful-flower-petals-angela-murdock.html

There is always room for Flowers

I’m the type of woman that prefers video games or books instead of flowers, but when my husband bought me flowers to show his appreciation this week, I knew exactly what to do to preserve their life; grab my camera!  Yesterday I spent most of my afternoon shooting the flowers in creative poses, and I’m happy with the results.  It also rekindled my love for macro images.

All of these new images have been added to my Shop page and are available as Fine Art prints.

colorful-gerbera-daisies-angela-murdock flower-reflection-in-water-drop-angela-murdock light-water-drop-on-dark-petals-angela-murdock orange-and-yellow-petals-angela-murdock orange-gerbera-with-water-drops-angela-murdock orange-petals-and-black-background-angela-murdock tiny-water-drop-reflections-angela-murdock water-drop-flower-reflections-murdocks-gallery