Marblehead Lighthouse

It was such a beautiful morning when I took this photograph.  We were at the Marblehead Lighthouse in Ohio up at Lake Erie.  The morning was quiet and peaceful, quite different from the day before when the wind was so fierce the waves were like those on the ocean.  It was a cloudy morning, and rain would eventually come, but in those first few hours when the sun was trying to peek through, it was lovely.  People were boating, couples were enjoying the view, and I got one of my favorite photographs.

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Marblehead Lighthouse

marblehead lighthouse display



Waterfalls near the Devil’s Bathtub

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photographs from our trip to Hocking Hills last week, and I wanted to start with the waterfall images.  First, we had a great trip and successful photography day, although we didn’t spend nearly as much time as I wanted to.  To recap we had gone to Old Man’s Cave, one of the more popular hiking areas in the Hocking Hills State Park.  We had originally intended to check out the Devil’s Bathtub (a bowl shaped basin that forms a whirlpool) along the Old Man’s Cave trail, but we stopped our hiking right before we walked over the bridge to view it. However, I believe these waterfall images are part of the Devil’s Bathtub.  If he had gone just a little closer (walked over the bridge) we could have seen the basin and whirlpool, but we didn’t realize we were that close.  Thankfully we plan to go back next week to get more Fall landscapes, so we’ll try again.

Regardless of not seeing the full feature of the Devil’s Bathtub, I still am very happy we got these photographs as they turned out to be my favorite from the day.  I love the curves of the cliffs and the water reflection.  They create such a beautiful design in nature.  The first was taken by me, and the last two are by my husband.

These images have been added as available fine art prints at our site, along with our Hocking Hills photography collection here.

Bridge over Waterfall: Hocking Hills Fine Art Prints by Angela Murdock

waterfall peeking through cliffs: Hocking Hills Fine Art Prints by Mike Murdock

waterfall between cliffs: Hocking Hills Fine Art Prints by Mike Murdock

Forest Landscape

I’m going to Hocking Hills Ohio for a little photograph day!  It’s such a beautiful place with forests, cliffs, waterfalls.  Today we’ll be checking out a place called Devil’s Bathtub located on the Old Man’s Cave hiking trail.  It should be interesting.  And, mostly it will feel so good to get outdoors during the Fall season.  I’ve been sick, and the weather has been more like summer.  We barely have Autumn leaves yet.  But, hopefully for the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to get some Fall landscape pictures.

This picture is forest landscape that is part of the hiking trail at Old Man’s Cave.

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Forest Lanscape: Photography Prints by Angela Murdock

The River Walk in San Antonio

This is another image of the River Walk in San Antonio that I took while visiting family there not quite two years ago.  I really enjoyed it and thought it was beautiful, but I’d love to see it during different seasons or at night.  I’d especially love to see it at Christmas.

the riveralk in san antonio: Landscape Photography by Angela Murdock


Early Spring Morning

This was taken during sunrise at Alum Creek, Ohio during the early springtime.  It was one of those days when most of our photographs didn’t turn out as planned, but I liked this one.  The season was changing, things were finally starting to bloom, but there was still that chill in the air.  It was peaceful with the hope of exciting things to come.

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Early Spring Morning Photography by Angela Murdock