First Time Holding My Camera In Months

Over the weekend I held my camera for the first time since diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.  We went to a local park to walk and take some photographs, and it wasn’t just the first time I used the camera but also the first I was outside for any decent length of time since pretty much January.  Granted, I had to sit down at nearly every bench around the path, and we didn’t walk a long distance before we had to turn around, but I still managed to be outside for 45 minutes.  It felt great!  This year I’ve focused on my small victories, but this one was a huge victory for me.  Just a few weeks ago I couldn’t even roll over in bed without excruciating pain, and now I’m taking pictures again.  Of course, I’m not without my limits (and I still have a lot of them), but this is so much better than where I was.  Hopefully I stay on this path to healing.

Here is my favorite photograph from the day.  It was a beautiful garden of white and maroon colored tulips, and I love the delicate and romantic quality to the image.

Prints are available here if you’re interested.

white and maroon tulips



Organizing Photos

I take a lot of photographs, but unfortunately I’m not very good at keeping them organized and backed up. Organizing them is one of my current projects, and when I started working on it I realized I have about 10,000 photographs to go through. Yikes! My advice is to make sure you do this from the beginning; otherwise you’ll end up with a mess.  This advice is helpful even for those that just enjoy taking pictures with your cell phone.  Try to have a plan to organize and back up your pictures before you lose them or have too many.



Look Towards the Sky

This is one of my husband’s photographs, and I love it.  It is what I think of when I think of spring and summer; of being a kid and climbing trees, building forts, playing capture the flag in the woods, finding bugs and butterflies, and building our own little world to play in.  This simple image seems full of life.

Prints available here.

Look Towards the Sky

Gray sofa with poster in studio apartment



This isn’t my garden, but I wish it was.  This peaceful scene is from a metro garden/park in my area, and it makes me think it could be some secret place in a fantasy story.  I sure would love to read a book under that tree.

Prints available here.

GardenGarden room display


Purple Rose Abstracts

Here are my Purple Rose Abstract images.  I really like how they turned out, but they also have special meaning for me.  As you know anytime I get flowers I try to photograph them as a way to make their beauty last.  These flowers were sent to my family from my mother-in-law when my dad passed away, so they will be a memory of kindness and compassion for me.

I have a cute story that goes along with this. When I was photographing the flowers I noticed a caterpillar was living inside the petals.  It was in the middle of winter so we couldn’t let it outside in the snow, so we put it in a shoe box with plenty of leaves, sticks and water, and it eventually turned into a moth.  We couldn’t believe we were actually able to keep it alive, and we kind of felt good about letting it live out it’s life cycle.

This first image shows what these rose pictures may look like on a wall, but I’ve also posted the individual pictures. Prints are available here for those interested.

purple rose abstract displaypurple rose abstractpurple rose abstract 3purple rose abstract 2