Green Sparkles

So many sparkles from this peacock feather!  I also love the subtle color changes.  So many details from such a small feather strand.

The second image is an example of how it looks as a 34×24 in print.

Green sparkles -Peacock Photograph Print by Angela Murdock

Green Sparkles - Photography print example of 36x24 in print



Peacock Reflections Collection: Prints for your Home

Here is a short video showcasing some of my peacock/abstract prints.

Glitter and Feathers

A macro shot of water drops, glitter and peacock feathers.  This one was fun because I’m a sucker for vibrant colors and sparkly things.

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glitter-and-feathers photography prints by Angela Murdock


Sparkling Peacock Feather

A peacock feather sparkling in the sunlight.  I like how the shallow depth of field accentuates the sparkles.

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sparkling-peacock-feather photography by Angela Murdock



Abstract Peacock Feather

Here is a macro photograph of a peacock feather.  I really like the colors, lines, textures and details of this image.

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abstract peacock feather photography prints by Angela Murdock



Peacock Water Drops And Glitter

Here is a colorful macro photograph of some abstract peacock art.

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Green Sparkles – Photograph of the Day

This is one of those images that continues to grow on me.  I liked it from the beginning, but I recently printed it to take to a Holiday art/craft show this week, and after matting it, I realized I want it on my own wall!

I’ll post some of my work for the Holiday show, and I may make a video of our table. I’m excited.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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Green sparkles -Peacock Photograph Print by Angela Murdock



Photograph of the Day – Dark Peacock Feather

I like the way the colors turned out for this photograph. I’d like to say I planned it that way, but this was an accident. Earlier I had set up a little place in my living room to do some macro photography with peacock feathers, but I had already finished the project. I started to clean up my area and as I moved things around, I just happened to notice the way the sun light from my door hit the feathers. A tiny shift in position and different lighting created a whole new dramatic look. I quickly pulled my tripod and camera back out and started my little photo shoot all over again. I ended up getting some of my favorite peacock feather images.

Fine art prints are available for this image here

Purple Peacock Feather Print by Angela Murdock


Photograph of the Day – Colorful Feather Strands

A peacock feather and its strands making a colorful design perfect for peacock decor.

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Peacock Photograph Print by Angela Murdock




Photograph of the Day 11/9

Fine Art print of this picture here,

Peacock Feather Decor - Prints by Angela Murdock