Peacock Reflections Collection: Prints for your Home

Here is a short video showcasing some of my peacock/abstract prints.


Glitter and Feathers

A macro shot of water drops, glitter and peacock feathers.  This one was fun because I’m a sucker for vibrant colors and sparkly things.

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glitter-and-feathers photography prints by Angela Murdock

Sparkling Peacock Feather

A peacock feather sparkling in the sunlight.  I like how the shallow depth of field accentuates the sparkles.

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sparkling-peacock-feather photography by Angela Murdock



Abstract Peacock Feather

Here is a macro photograph of a peacock feather.  I really like the colors, lines, textures and details of this image.

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abstract peacock feather photography prints by Angela Murdock



Green Sparkles – Photograph of the Day

This is one of those images that continues to grow on me.  I liked it from the beginning, but I recently printed it to take to a Holiday art/craft show this week, and after matting it, I realized I want it on my own wall!

I’ll post some of my work for the Holiday show, and I may make a video of our table. I’m excited.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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Green sparkles -Peacock Photograph Print by Angela Murdock



Photograph of the Day – Colorful Feather Strands

A peacock feather and its strands making a colorful design perfect for peacock decor.

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Peacock Photograph Print by Angela Murdock




Photograph of the Day 11/9

Fine Art print of this picture here,

Peacock Feather Decor - Prints by Angela Murdock


Too Sick For Art?

Too sick for art?  Nonsense, right?  That’s what I’ve been telling myself over the last few days that I’ve been sick at home.  I’m not so sick that I’m confined to my bed, but just sick enough that I can’t do much or go outdoors.  To keep myself from getting bored, I pulled out my camera in attempts to find a creative outlet through macro photography.  One of the reasons I love macro photography is that there seems to be an endless supply of interesting things to photograph because it helps us to see things from such a different perspective.  It can take the ordinary and make it very beautiful and creative.  And, when I’m sick, I can set up some photo opportunities right on my couch.  Here are a few of my favorites.

shells-on-black-background-angela-murdockpeaock-feather-and-soft-background-angela-murdock  bright-peacock-feather-angela-murdock colorful-seashells-angela-murdock

I’ve also uploaded many of the new images at my print site, (at the shop page for those interested).