Flower Reflections

Once again we visit the tiny world through a macro lens.  These three water drops on the petals of a Gerbera Daisy are each showing very different flower reflections, which makes it fun to look at the details.

Prints available here.

Flower Reflections: Photography Prints by Angela Murdock



Photography Day: Indoor Shoot – Flower

It is the middle of winter and not easy to get outside for some nice photographs, so I had to make do with an indoor photo shoot and some bare essentials. This video shows some things I grabbed from around the house to set up macro photos of a flower.

Are Photographers Artists?

I saw that question posted on an art forum, and found it rather interesting.  I was surprised by the amount of people that do not think photographers are also artists.  There were more than a few that viewed photographers as people that merely push a button on a camera and capture a scene.  That seems to be a rather limited view of photography.  Maybe it is because photography is accessible to pretty much anyone that can whip out a smartphone to take a picture.  But, there is a big difference between the average person taking a selfie and a professional photographer.  Most professional photographers that I talk to put a lot of time into composing their image, learning their craft, setting up their shot, creating their scene, etc

Part of why I found the question interesting is because I do both art and photography.  I do them for very different reasons and the process is different, but they both satisfy my creative desires.  The end results are basically the same.  I create pictures that I hope people enjoy, that evoke emotion, that are decorative, etc.  To me it is art.