Country Road Adventures!

Our GPS tends to have a mind of its own. Generally it works well and gets us where we need to be, but every now and then it gets into a bad mood and takes us wherever it pleases. Most of the time it’s frustrating, like the time it took us deeper and deeper into the hills of West Virginia and told us to make a right turn onto what looked like an overgrown walking path that probably would have lead us to a horror scene like that of the movie Deliverance. Needless to say, we turned around. Then there was that time we set it to find the Amazon warehouse where my husband had a job interview, and it took us to a woman’s backyard. Thankfully, she happened to be standing in her backyard, and gave us correct directions. There was also that time when we set it to find a local Kroger’s grocery store, and it took us to the front door of what looked like a drug lord’s house. We didn’t stop to ask for directions that time.

This last time we used it, it failed to take us on the correct route like expected, but it took was on an adventure through the countryside of Ohio, down dirt roads showing us gorgeous Autumn scenes. There were no other cars, so we were able to pull over when we wanted to do our photography, and we fully enjoyed the fall leaves and colors. We had no idea where we were, but we didn’t care. In the end we didn’t get to photograph what we actually planned because we never found the place, but we got so many other photographs and found places that we never would have known about if it wasn’t for our crazy GPS.

Here are some of the roads it took us down. Prints available here, along with many of our other Autumn landscapes.

A farm on an autumn daycountry road on fall daycountry road through fall treesHallway.Modern bedroom with bedside tablesGreen wall, yellow sofa, poster toned

Hot Air Balloons

I had the chance to view the hot air balloon launch at the All Ohio Balloon Festival in Marysville, Ohio.  It was fun, but not exactly what I expected.  First, we didn’t actually go into the festival, but instead found a place nearby where we parked and could watch and photograph the balloons.  The spot we chose was great for actually seeing the balloons, but the sun was bright and facing towards us, which made it a little difficult to photograph.  Next year we’ll take that into consideration when we look for a new location.  There also weren’t that many balloons.  We had this idea in our heads that there would be 50 balloons in the sky, but there were only 13.  I’m not sure if this is typical, or if the numbers were lower because of the weather.  It also could have just been that our expectations were way too high.  Regardless, it was fun to watch and I look forward to next year.  Here are some of my photographs from the day.

Prints are available here.

hot air balloon launchcolorful hot air balloonhot air balloons in the skyhot air balloonblue balloons over a field


Deer Creek at Sunrise

We had the opportunity to visit Deer Creek State Park over the weekend, and it was lovely.  We unfortunately didn’t have a whole lot of time to explore the area, but we were able to get some decent sunrise images.  Waking up that early is the hard part and not something I enjoy, but once I’m out in nature watching the gorgeous view with my camera in hand, I completely forget how tired I am.

Prints available here.

deer creek at sunrise


World Turtle Day

Apparently, yesterday was World Turtle Day, so I thought it would be a good time to share my turtle artwork as well as the video.  This artwork is a digital painting of a Hawksbill Sea Turtle.

Prints available here.

Happy Turtle art by Angela Murdock

Red Rose

I never know what to buy my mother for mother’s day, so I bought her flowers.  They were beautiful, but not nearly as beautiful as she.  She told me, “Angie, you didn’t have to get me anything.”  I said, “Mom, you didn’t have to give birth to me.”  Ordinary gifts just can’t quite compare to the gift of life.

But the flowers were pretty!

Prints available here.

red rose


Cedar Point on the Lake

This black and white photograph shows Lake Erie with the amusement park, Cedar Point, in the background.  I love the way the black and white gives it a vintage feel, taking me back to my childhood trips to the amusement park.  I haven’t been there in years.

Cedar Point on the Lake black and white: Photoraphy Prints by Angela Murdock

Photography Day: Lighthouse

Here is a video I made featuring video clips I took near Lake Erie as well as some of our photography.  I love water, so for me, the sights and sounds of the lake are very relaxing.  I could have sat on the rocks near the shore for hours.  We saw another photographer there who had the clever idea of bringing a hammock and tying it to the trees right at the shoreline.  Now that would have been pure bliss.

Tiger Cub in Forest: Artwork

This animal artwork is a digital painting of a tiger cub walking in a forest. The little prince emerged from his den to take a curious peek at the jungle around him.

I’m proud of this one.  It’s definitely the most detailed artwork I’ve ever made, and it is also a full illustration rather than just a portrait.  I also almost never draw landscapes or environments, so this was a challenge and I’m happy with the result.  I have a video of the painting process for this image, and will post it once I get it online.

Prints available here.

Tiger Cub in Forest: Animal Illustration by Angela Murdock