500 Images!

I recently uploaded our 500th image at Murdock’s Gallery! And, I’m not stopping at 500!  We definitely plan to add a lot more over the year.  You can expect to see more photographs, personal artworks, illustrations and videos.

What to expect this year, well for those interested, I plan to continue my animal series, and it will ultimately turn into far more than just a series.  I have enough animal and wildlife illustrations planned to eventually make a separate portfolio page just for these images. It is something I really enjoy drawing/painting at the moment, and I’m fully embracing it.

I’m also working as an illustrator for an author who has a year long project planned.  At the moment I’m not sure exactly what I can say, but as I get permission, I’ll see if I can eventually share some of the sketches and finished work.  Stay tuned for more info about that in the summer.

Along with my animal/wildlife series, I’d also like to begin working more heavily on illustrations for my own personal story that I began writing during Nanowrimo last November.

And last but not least, I definitely plan to continue photography, but I’m also planning to do some videos of my photograph adventures.

Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be posting another message saying I’ve reached 750.


Glitter and Feathers

A macro shot of water drops, glitter and peacock feathers.  This one was fun because I’m a sucker for vibrant colors and sparkly things.

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glitter-and-feathers photography prints by Angela Murdock

Winter at Alum Creek

This winter landscape photograph was taken last year.  We really haven’t had a whole lot of snow yet this year.  It was taken at Alum Creek, Ohio, right after a big snowfall where the trees still had snow on the branches.  I love the little pop of color from leaves that somehow still managed to hang onto the trees even during winter.

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winter-at-alum-creek - photography prints by Angela Murdock


Two Horses

These two quarter horses took a break from their snack to pose for my picture.  We had stopped at a farm to take pictures, and the owner seemed thrilled to show them off.  They were bit dirty, but he didn’t care.  He was so proud of his horses.

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two-horses photography prints by Angela Murdock

Blue Morpho on Orange Leaves

I believe this is called a Blue Morpho Butterfly, and I think it is so beautiful, not only in the way it looks, but also because of it’s size and the way it flutters around in the air.  I didn’t have the easiest time photographing this butterfly because it was always on the move.  Not only was I lucky when it finally landed and spread opened its wings, but it happened to land on this colorful plant with orange leaves that really show the rich color of the blue wings.

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blue-morpho-on-orange-leaves photography by Angela Murdock


Happy Turtle

Here is my newest artwork, a digital drawing of a hawksbill sea turtle.  It is far different from some of my other animal pictures in my animal series, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I had fun with it too.  If you’re interested in seeing the drawing process, I posted a video here on my blog.

Prints of this artwork are available here

happy-turtle - artwork by Angela Murdock



Shells on Black Background

Here are little seashells to remind you of the ocean!  I like the white against the black background with a little splash of color from the shells.  The heavy use of black in the image might be a little different from the typical beach decor, but I like the bold look.

You can see more beach/shell images and find available prints here.