Musical Photography Prints

Watch my video where I combine my love for music and photography, and share some of my photographs of musical instruments. I wanted to create something that would look stylish in a studio or band room or something that a musician might love.

Then & Now: Shy Clown Video

This is a recent art video showing my Shy Clown artwork.  This video is the start of a new series I plan to do called Then & Now where I go back and find an old artwork from 5 to 10 years ago and completely redo it.  It’s something fun for me, and good practice.  And, hopefully it will be enjoyable for you to watch.

Enjoy this first video!

Photography Day: Indoor Shoot – Flower

It is the middle of winter and not easy to get outside for some nice photographs, so I had to make do with an indoor photo shoot and some bare essentials. This video shows some things I grabbed from around the house to set up macro photos of a flower.

Video – Digital Art Painting of a Leopard

Every now and then I plan to do small videos of me working on some of my art.  It will be a way to show some of my process and to see what I’m currently working on.  Here is a quick video of a recent digital art painting, and a picture of the final work.  Enjoy!

Fine art prints of this leopard digital painting can be found here,