Two Cardinals

I think love is in the air for these two cardinals.  Believe it or not despite the snow on the branches, this was actually taken last week in April.  It’s been a bit cold this season, but we were able to go to a park and visit their nature preserve to watch some of the birds.  Cardinals are some of my favorites.

Prints available here.

two cardinals


Daisy: Spring is finally here . . . almost

I decided to start my spring photography features with this Daisy photograph I took years ago.  It has a special place in my heart.  My nephew came into the house proudly carrying this beautiful daisy holding it out as a gift.  He found it and picked it all by himself just for his grandma . . . straight from her own flower garden! I love when kids do that, and of course my mother loved the gift no matter where it came from. Of course I had to photograph this special daisy.

Prints available!

Daisy: Colorful Nature and Floral Photography by Angela MurdockDaisy: Fine Art Photography Prints by Angela Murdock

Clown Girl Portrait Art

The site that I use to print my work is Pixels, and they recently added this new feature that allows you to view the art on a wall at various sizes.  I love this feature because not only does it let the viewer get a decent idea of what an artwork might look like on their own wall, but it gives me the artist a chance to display different artworks together.  Some of my art are stand alone pieces, but some are done in a series.

Anyway, I thought I’d share three of my portraits using this new feature.  In this example they are sized at 16×20.  These three portraits can be found here.

Portrait Art Fine Art Prints by Angela Murdock


Waterfalls near the Devil’s Bathtub

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photographs from our trip to Hocking Hills last week, and I wanted to start with the waterfall images.  First, we had a great trip and successful photography day, although we didn’t spend nearly as much time as I wanted to.  To recap we had gone to Old Man’s Cave, one of the more popular hiking areas in the Hocking Hills State Park.  We had originally intended to check out the Devil’s Bathtub (a bowl shaped basin that forms a whirlpool) along the Old Man’s Cave trail, but we stopped our hiking right before we walked over the bridge to view it. However, I believe these waterfall images are part of the Devil’s Bathtub.  If he had gone just a little closer (walked over the bridge) we could have seen the basin and whirlpool, but we didn’t realize we were that close.  Thankfully we plan to go back next week to get more Fall landscapes, so we’ll try again.

Regardless of not seeing the full feature of the Devil’s Bathtub, I still am very happy we got these photographs as they turned out to be my favorite from the day.  I love the curves of the cliffs and the water reflection.  They create such a beautiful design in nature.  The first was taken by me, and the last two are by my husband.

These images have been added as available fine art prints at our site, along with our Hocking Hills photography collection here.

Bridge over Waterfall: Hocking Hills Fine Art Prints by Angela Murdock

waterfall peeking through cliffs: Hocking Hills Fine Art Prints by Mike Murdock

waterfall between cliffs: Hocking Hills Fine Art Prints by Mike Murdock

Countryside Church

On our drive home from Hocking Hills yesterday I spotted this church in the country surrounded by a cornfield and trees, and I couldn’t resist the photograph.  I really love the atmosphere of the image.  Sometimes my favorite photographs are ones that weren’t planned.

Prints available here.

Countryside Church: Photography Prints by Angela Murdock


Still Life Photography: Strawberries and Grapes

This photography series video showcases some of my still life images of strawberries and grapes.  I think they work well as a collection, and I love the reds and purples of the fruit.  I’ll post the photographs eventually, but wanted to share the video first as it does a good job of showing them as a collection.

River Walk

Here’s another picture of the River Walk in San Antonio.  It is such a gorgeous place.  There’s a lot I like about this picture, the city in the background, the tree branches, the umbrellas reflecting on the water.  My sister lives there, so maybe someday I’ll get a chance to visit it again.

Prints available here,riverwalk photography print by angela murdock